credit card blocked - now shop won't refund?

Found 8th May 2008

I've just blocked my credit card cuz someone was trying to use it - thats all gone fine & egg are sending me out 2 new cards & I am not liable for the monies however the new cards will have diferent card numbers on them.

Now my girlfriend has some clothes to take back to new look & they won't refund unless it's back on the same card we brought them on which we obviously can't use any more? Any ideas where we stand on this they offered her some gift vouchers but I really think we should be able to get the money back?

cheers for any advice,
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as above. I would have thought any refunds on your old card would be transferred on to your new card etc
When i worked at Tk Maxx as a front line manager,when situation as such happens, we either give the customer benefit of the doubt, offer exchange or gift card or ask for proof eg a old statement with the old card number on, so we can compare the names on the statement and the new card to check its the same person. Hope this helps!!
no way what a coindence, i work for a company and currently based in a new look store!!
lol - cool, good job I havn't cut up the old cards yet then! It would have been great fun trying to get a 'new' old card from egg!

I'll see if it'll go through on the old cards.

Thanks guys,
I work for the bank either card with credit the account, see what theyll accept, stay cool, some are just jobsworths!!
Ring ring. Ring ring.

"You're through to Egg. How can I help you?"
"Hi. I recently had my credit card stolen, and you were really good, and you refunded the money that had been taken. Problem now is that the wife wants a refund on some of the things we bought with the card. Can you arrange it so that I can have a refund transfered through to the account using the old card number?"
"The one that you reported as being stolen, and that had the withdrawn money refunded?"
"Right, I'll just phone the fraud squad, then"

I'm not saying that this is going to happen or anything, but you might want to talk to the store again. The bank will already view you with suspicion, probably moreso if this sort of thing raises their attention. I mean, you'll likely be fine, but just watch out that there's no confusion and they get the wrong idea.

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