Credit card charges for travel

    Parents booked a holiday and paid deposit costing in the region of £1500 by credit card plus £23 in fees for using card. Holiday has since been cancelled by Thomas Cook. They have had a battle with them to get their money back in the form of a cheque as they didn't want such a large credit balance on their credit card account. Anyhow they have not included the £23 charges - surely Thomas Cook should refund this too as it is them who have cancelled the trip.

    Can't find any info on their website and cannot call them at the moment due to work, just wondred if anyone had any experience of this or similar.


    Yes they should. The charge was added in order for them to process the transaction for the holiday. If they cancel the holiday then they should refund the fee for doing so, as there end of the contract 'the holiday' hasnt happened.

    Your parents shouldnt be out of pocket in anyway and want the full refund.
    Edited by: "apduk" 21st Jan 2011

    if the refund had been applied to the same credit card they would heve refunded the charges too, as it was cheque they will only refund cost as they still have to pay bank charges on credit card transaction
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