Credit Card Fraud

Posted 25th Mar 2008
Tried to pay £45 for petrol today and was told my credit card was blocked.
When I rang the CC co. they told me my card had been blocked owing to two unusual transactions yesterday.
Someone had used my CC details to make two purchases with Tesco Direct, the first one for £333 had been approved but the second one for £232 had been blocked.
The CC co. assured me that I would not lose out but what's puzzling me is the fact that I always thought that suppliers would only deliver to the address of the CC holder and that surely if the person who has used my CC fraudulently has given a different address for delivery of the goods, then they will easily be caught.
Anyone else had experience of this?
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My friend other day was telling me his credit card got done. Now he isn't much of a spender on the internet,his card doens't get used at shops or atm cos he doens't bother knowing pin # cos he purely uses it for online. These are the only places he has used his card online Amazon U.K Sainsburys & Tesco Groceries and AOL Billing. This 2nd time he been victim in the last 12mths.
Yeh it be easy to see where goods are going cos they could contact the websites/companies but they won't even do this cos thye not interested in small amounts,cos this happens to 1000's of ppl a per day here.
My partner got done for most of his wages a while back,and he asked the bank,if he should contact police and get crime number but they said no but when you in touch with the fraud team they will advise. He was told not necassary. They not bothered about small amounts. My partners debit card that got done,they bought flight tickets,something to do with mobile phone some or other and some other 3rd transaction. So they could easily been caught who did thre fraud if taking the flight or the person taking flight knew where thye bought the flights from.
Happened to me twice now. oth times sorted out very qucikly by my Credit Card company.
This seems to be happening more and more, everyone knows of someone who has been a victim or has themselves it seems. :x

Glad to hear you are not loosing out through this.
If you have shopped with Tesco Direct yourself and used the CC details dont discount the possibility that the Vendor may have accidentially submitted the wrong card details on a transaction. They say they dont 'store' them but I have worked in IT for over 20 years and nearly half of those in the finance sector..... This has happened to me twice now.
Happened to me with my card Tesco Direct but now I cant use the site, someone spent £129.99 on my credit card with Teco Direct, took awhile to sort out
It was also tried to be used in USA 3 days prior and somewhere else in the uk for £1 the day before the Tesco direct one:?
Friend of mine had his card used to but a television from Argos, the fraudster even had it delivered to the card holders address and then sent a courier (which he paid for by the same credit card) to pick up the television.

Police don't want to know coz it's under a thousand pounds but the credit card company are investigating it.

This wasn't an online purchase, it was somehow hacked over the phone but it just shows how careful you got to be these days.
My dad has his savings account cleaned out to the tune of £1500, but being a savings account the bank (Abbey National) said that there was nothing they could do. Needless to say he stood up in the busy foyet and told the manager what kind of c**t he was
Happened to my dad too, he lives in central Scotland yet someone in London went into a PC World store and tried to purchase a £800 pc and bought a £50 take away, and duh that way got their address but police werent bothered.

My dad didnt lose the money though thankfully.
So, I'm far from being alone as a victim of this type of fraud.
It's hard to believe that the CC cos. and the police are apparently so laid back about it.
Given that when an order is placed over the phone or internet the goods have to be delivered somewhere, it must be the easiest type of crime to detect.
You'd expect the police would be dead keen to investigate as it must be the easiest way possible to get their detection rates up !!
And if the CC cos. just write off these sort of losses it's a reflection of the obscene profits they must be making.
Sad really.
I know someone who had 6 N95 ordered on his T-mobile account to be delivered to the holder's address, the fraudster was going to intercept the delivery at the doorstep! Lucky the delivery came early. It was identity fraud, the guy called T-mobile to let them know BEFORE that happened, but the order still went through.
When I was on holiday in Jamacia last year I did not use the cc at all until the day before I went home because I had run out of money so I only used it in the Hotel to pay for photos and a gift. The very next day it was fraudanately used to pay for car parts, food and clothes to the tune of about £1500 I only found this out when the statement came through so the cc company were very good did not Question it at all. I was happy with the service I got but what makes me laugh is the hotel would not except responsibilty. Any way it surprizes me how quick it all happened
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