Credit Card Fraud - Could someone at Amazon used my card details?

Posted 8th Mar 2007
I was informed by Ebuyer today that my credit card payment was declined, so I phoned my credit card company and asked what's going on.

They told me that a attempted purchase of an airline ticket on Monday 5th had been blocked and so my card had been suspended pending verification of this transaction.
They also queried another payment on Monday 5th for another airline ticket (but this one went through)!
I did not make either purchase!

Now I rarely use my credit card (not even to withdraw money - it's not my bank's credit card), and the only transactions I have since January have been with Scan Computers (2nd Feb) and Amazon (27th Feb).

I wondered if anyone else has recently been a victim of credit card fraud and placed an order with Scan Computers or perhaps more importantly Amazon?

I imagine it's likely the card would be used for fraudulent transactions soon after the card details were discovered, this would surely arouse suspicion of Amazon!
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I can't really imagine a problem with either of those if I'm honest.
Did you use the card offline? say in a cafe or bar or anywhere it could have been skimmed?
Your CC company's fraud department should chase down the user of the card for you and find out where the problem is.
I know what you're saying! I would imagine both Scan and Amazon were trustworthy - hence this post. I wonder what kind of security they have to protect our card details from employees, web site development team etc.

I've not used the card for anything other than the two purchases mentioned in my original post. There are no transactions since January apart from those two.
I've not even used it for a purchase that has been declined, left the card as a "deposit" or let anyone have access to it.
As I said it's not my bank's credit card, and I very rarely use it.

I said to the lady on the my credit card's security department that surely it would be easier to track because you'd need to book the ticket in someone's name with a passport?
It should be reasonably easy to track back to the perp - it's not like online gambling and that which are popular as you can withdraw to anyone's acc.
Would be rather damaging to amazon or scan if they were the leak.

Any transactions before Jan?
ShopNeo perhaps?
A few transactions before February (it was Christmas time). I'd have to look at my statement again, but no shops that weren't reputable!
I haven't purchased anything from ShopNeo - I heard about their reputation

My credit card company should have an easy time with this one, with so few transactions. They haven't refunded the fraudulent transaction that went through yet though!
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