Credit Card Fraud - How at risk are you? Find out.

    Want to know how bad credit card fraud is where you live and how likely you are to suffer?

    Then click…hp4 HERE .

    This is a genuine link run by CardAware from (excellent site if you want to keep up with the latest scams, although it hasn't stretched as far as covering the For Sale/Trade forum yet) :giggle:

    Low risk where i am..............i must have been slacking lately. :whistling: :giggle:


    Low risk here too

    Phew - "according to our survey"....we are low risk area too :-)

    "High Risk Area" AND been scammed once, money refunded in full by bank good old natwest


    Low risk here too

    Must be too busy throwing fireworks and mugging cinemas goers:whistling: - still waiting to find out if you took Fridays advice, and got your house a shiney new WORKING smoke alarm??
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