Credit Card Fraud with Argos Click and Collect

Posted 12th Feb 2018
I beleive i had my card stolen before i received it, I received my PIN through, phoned the CC company and they said the card was used online in Argos

It appears they have ordered some electronic equipment online, and went in with click and collect, and all you need is an email confirmation with number, no id or anything

What will happen with charge as its my first credit card after getting my rating back on track
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you'll get it back because you have protection, call your card issuer
They can check the cctv. You should report it to the police too
Thanks, just getting some reassurance, i said to the CC company should i call police and they said that they will deal with it internaly
You need crime number from the police before they deal with it.
before the credit card company will deal with it?
Your credit card provider will deal with it, now that you have reported the issue. They should send you a new one but they may not do so until they have investigated why the card did not get to you.

Unless you have been instructed by your credit card provider to report the incident to the police, you don't have to do so.
Or you can collect from the bank with ID which might be safer
Seems strange that Argos would not present the card issuer's VerifiedbyVisa or SecureCode challenge page at time of the online order, or even the fraudster was able to correctly guess or setup the code.
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