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    I'm currently looking for a credit card to gain some credit rating, I never had one so don't have a clue where to start. I'm hoping to travel to a few places next year so decided it's best to apply for one now.

    Can anyone help me or guide me which credit card to use?



    Compare the market but I would suggest a 0% purchase card if you intend on making large payments on the card and paying off over a period of time.

    Or a rewards card if you want to clear the balance each month.

    Depending on your credit history, you may only get a small limit, but you have to start somewhere. How much do you think you will need?

    Depending what kind of credit history you have you might be able to get one of the 0% spending or cadhback cards as stated above.

    I didn't have any history so my first credit card was a capital one classic in 2009. Account can be managed online and customer services are great. Rates are high and limit will be low but if you purchase and you clear the balance every month as I did it isn't an issue. your limit is then increased automatically. After 1 yr I then applied for better cards. I have kept the capital one to spend on when I get transfer offers on my other cards.

    If you want one with lowest charges for using abroad then I believe the Halifax Clarity Card is the best one.

    My first credit card was a Tesco one, 0% on purchases or transfer depending on which one you need and Clubcard points
    Although I never had one before, my credit limit was over £2k straight away.
    However, when you get a credit card, your credit rating will initially fall but then pick up again with regular use and paying the balance off.

    Capital One have a card specifically designed for people with barely any credit. I got one of these as I'd never had any credit before and a year later I had enough credit to apply for a mortgage so it must be good

    Be careful applying for the 0% or low rate ones if you have a poor/ no credit rating. It's possible you'll get rejected but it will still leave details of the search which could impact you further. Might be worth applying for one of the starter credit cards like Aqua or Luma or Vanquis who have a higher approval rate.
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