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    I'm applying for a credit card and ive never had one before, was just wondering if you get a card thats has 0% on purchases for 6 months does that mean you can draw cash from a cash machiene and you dont get charged intrest on it? please help also which is the best credit card around at the moment? thanks


    Check the Ts & Cs, but I'd doubt it. It's usually solely for purchases only.

    Don't know if the offer is still on, but I've got a Halifax All in One card (had it back in December) that gives 13 months 0% on purchases. :thumbsup: On mine cash advances are at 27.95% APR !!

    nope, you'll get charged interest on cash withdrawls, and at a higher apr. If you need cash go for a loan. I would steer clear of credit cards since i got bit by them a while back and still paying now.

    Almost always you'll be charged interest on cash withdrawals, and other things that count as cash such as buying foreign currency and using betting sites

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    ok thanks

    I beleive that it's a legal requirement for credit card companies to charge for cash withdrawals. You won't find any that won't.

    If you withdraw cash on a credit card you'll likley get charged a cash advance fee (I think mine is about £3) plus you'll pay interest at a higher rate as someone has already said.

    For information on the best cards around, Virgin are doing a card with 16 months interest free on balance transfers and 6 months interest free on purchases.

    For detailed information, look here:

    if you are thinking of using a CC to withdraw cash I would serioulsy advise you not to get a CC ever!
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