Credit Card late payment will it affect my credit rating?

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Found 27th Feb 2009
I've just realised I forgot to pay my credit card bill for this month. I was supposed to have paid by 24th but it totally just slipped from my mind as alot has been happening for the past few weeks including my uncle's death.

I've already been charged a £12 late fee but I was wondering will it affect my credit rating? It's the first time I've missed a CC payment.


no dont think one thing like that will affect your credit rating

It will probably be flagged on your credit report. Whether it will 'affect' it is up to prospective lenders.

ring the credit card company up if this is the first time, explain situation to them why you forgot we did this when my oh lost his mum they were very understanding even gave us back the fee for late payment worth a try

It won't affect your credit rating - certainly 'phone up and speak to your credit card company. I did this last year after going on holiday and completely forgetting to pay my bill - they refunded my £12 late fee and interest that was subsequently charged , straightaway, so for the price of a phone call it was certainly worth it.

As its the first time it wont affect the rating however it will show as a missed payment on your credit report which lenders do take into account if a pattern starts........

If you apply for the free equifax 30 day trial during april you will see the missed payment mark on there following your lenders update during March, sometimes lenders make mistakes and register these marks when they are not correct so its worth checking the equifax report if you havent already done it or done it for a while. For example I found EGG hadnt closed a credit card account that id told them to and that had zero balance so each month, as id cancelled the direct debit, they were effectively registering a missed payment of £0.00 idiots......

It is a good idea for you to set up a direct debit for the minimum amount due, then you will never be late. Also if you want to pay more you can just do that on the phone.

It will show up on a creit report but it is unlikely to have much impact on your credit rating as a one off.

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Thank you to everyone that helped! I phoned them up and they agreed to refund the late fee for me as it is my first offence. Rep added to you all!
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