Credit card mistake ! Help !

    I recently made a visa card transaction, i spelt my name wrong when i did it tho, so it said jihn scott barr instead of john scott barr.
    I stuck in the correct card number and expire, yada, will it work out?.



    Although it asks for the name 'as shown on card', I often don't follow it exactly and they still go through. Not that that's much help. But I try.

    I did one once with Dabs, put ' lewsi' instead of 'lewis' phoned them the next day and they said it didnt matter just would be wrong on my invoice. They said that if the card details are ok and the delivery address is the same as the card then that is all there system checks.

    So if its an online retailer should be fine, but if it was banking or somthing like that maybe not.

    My hunch is that the transaction will go through OK - it has in the past for me:thumbsup:

    If it can't go through, they will give you a ring & do it manually
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