credit card payment charge refund

    Hi all,

    My parents were purchasing a holiday through, they know and fully understand that there is a 2.5% charge for paying by credit card.

    Unfortunately the website went down when they were making the booking... So after waiting 15mins or so, no email came through confiring the booking and the website stated that it was down and would not be able to process any orders for the next 6 hours or so.

    So my mom rang up the thomson number, told them what happened, the girl said they could book over the phone, which my mom then did.

    Then 10 mins later, they recieved an email confirming the first booking...

    2 holidays same date (wouldn't pass one on to me though).

    Anyway, Thomson have refunded one of the holiday costs, but are refusing to refund the credit card charge (approx £34).

    Does anybody know where they currently stand and what their next couse of action should be?

    mnay thanks



    moan groan and generally harass them until they cough

    their call operator should have been able to check whether their original booking was made correctly


    They can hold charge, as you are paying fees used in the process from the credit card companies.
    But Im sure it you try you will get a refund, but knowing them it will be off your next booking.
    So try to credit to a trip while on holiday ?????????:thumbsup::santa:
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