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Found 18th Apr 2014
I have always paid my credit card off in full by direct debit each month, but a few months ago I wanted to book some flights using the card, but I didn't have enough credit available so I made a one off payment from my bank. This payment must have been received too late because even though the amount of available credit increased, my direct debit payment amount was still the same as on my statement, so it was like the payment from the bank had no affect, therefore putting my credit card account actually into credit after the direct debit had been taken.

I need to do the same thing again and have just received my statement online and the payment is due by the 4/5, if I pay off the balance in full now how do I know they won't take the full amount again on that date?

Barclay's say as long as it is a few days before the payment date it will have worked, can't find out what it is for mine (Bank of America Amazon card) though.
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You sound like someone with a sensible attitude to credit cards. I had the same problem, not enough credit, I did make a payment from my bank, & it did go through in time. Not sure what happened in your case.

Try to increase you credit limit, or take out another card for situations like this, again, pay the full amount off each month.

many years ago when i was too in your situation i did the same thing

by paying more money onto my credit card

check your credit card terms and condition as to how many working days it will take to clear... do this in advance of like post one said increase your credit limit
Thanks for the replies, will just have a trawl through the terms and conditions. When I booked my flights the other time I decided to just use the debit card so I didn't have to pay any fees, so I ended up paying off the credit card twice from my bank and paying for the flights from my bank! Food and drink was light that week :-P.
if you're credit card ever goes into "Positive Credit", ie. in your favour. Then you have the option to have the value returned to your nominated bank account, within 3 working days. That is my understanding as I had to do it with one of my Credit Cards.
Normally with a direct debit the request to collect the payment is sent to your bank 3 days before the payment date. Any one off card payments within this 3 day period won't affect the direct debit and it'll be collected as usual. So as long as the payment 4 days minimum before the direct debit date, the direct shouldn't go again or go for a reduced amount if you make a partial payment.
Call them to check how long it takes to credit payments to your account and when do they apply for DD payment.
Maybe last time they crossed over but this time it won't as there's over 2 weeks. How far was the gap last time?
Just looked at my August 2013 statement and the balance was £695.86 to be received by 06/09/2013, the following then happened:

23/08/2013 23/08/2013 PAYMENT INTERNET DEBIT CARD £500.00 CR
06/09/2013 06/09/2013 PAYMENT DIRECT DEBIT - THANK YOU £695.86 CR

So I made a £500 payment well in advance and they still took the direct debit payment as usual.
I would call and up my credit limit. If you pay balance off in full you should have a good rating. I have always got a yes x
Yeah, my rating is 4/5 or 5/5.
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