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Hi guys , quick question i normally pay off my cards or if i can't afford it then the minimum , but today I went to pay it off and it shows this , i think i have caught it in between statement but I want to make sure before i don't pay and they charge me missed payment etc


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and when I go to pay it

It should tell you what your minimum payment is and the balance. from the pics it is hard to know what you owe but I would think to pay it off you need to send them £229.93.

Was last months £1270.07 perchance?

It looks like the balance will need paying by next month, not this month. Maybe give them a call to confirm, the number will be on your card.

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Is it showing you in credit i.e. you have overpaid last month?


natwest eh, today I paid credit card balance on the iphone app and it has taken the money from my current account but nothing has shown on my credit card


Hi, you have upto 56 days interest credit on purchases. As a natwest customer too, I can tell you that:your current statement due now (June) is £0.00. You have made purchases of £229 since when the statement was generated and this will be added onto your next statement ( July). You are not accumulating interest on the £229 at the moment. however, you still owe £229 to the bank and wil have to pay it sometime.

i regularly have the same thing on my card natwest app: I just pay off the whole balance each month on whatever is on the card at the time, not when the statement was generated but I appreciate that you may not be in such a position.

Don't forget, you can pay little and often onto it using the app and clear it off but to avoid interest payments, pay your closing statement balance each month.

1207.07 is your. remaining credit limit of money you could borrow before going unauthorised.

CBBE2: it will take a few days for the credit to be applied to your card but for interest purposes it is removed from your current account immediately.

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I just paid it off as i am sure that like redcastle said it would be interest free but dont want to risk it
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