Found 13th May 2009
Hi all, just had a company phone me offering me a credit card with a 4grand limit no apr for 1 year and after the 1 year it was the standard apr, they called themselves GCC global credit cards, started asking me for my debit csrd numbers so i told them i wasn't comfortable giving that info to someone i had never even spoken to before offering me 4 grand with no credit checks, she sounded like the guy from phone jacker, anyone else come across them or evetr heard of the company?


Never heard of them, but a credit card application done over the phone wouldn't require your bank card number. I think you're right, sounds like a scam to me.

did he sound like he was phoning long distance? Maybe Nigeria?

Did he say there was a pigeon in your bank account?

Was it from that nice man who sends all those emails saying he has 1000,000 in GBP that he wishes to deposit in my bank account, and all I have to do is send him the bank codes?

there is nothing wrong with giving your debit card details to a credit card company that cannot be "googled".....................................................................


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lol, that,s what i thought, could've been nigerian.:-D

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Obviously you did not give them did you :-D Scam for getting your details.

no worries tink, not that gullable, did listen to them for a while though.

had simaliar thing happen but with a mobile phone company, again its like the indian chap from phone jacker..."downgrade your upgrade"!!...... they made me an offer i couldnt refuse, something stupid like a brand new nokia N95 with unlimited minutes and 2000 texts per month, all i had to do was give them my bank details and home address and the deal was mine........I DONT THINK SO SOME HOW LOL!!

they start of by saying that there is only 1 month left on my contract, in actual fact i had just taken it out so i had 17months left on it!!

the kiniving so n so`s!!


did he sound like he was phoning long distance? Maybe Nigeria?

Hmm Could have been a Nigerian from Manchester with a 0161 :w00t:


I love when a mobile phone co. rings and i tell em " i have 5 contracts @ £45/month and get 200 x net minutes with each one. Boy do they get exited at the possibility of gaining 5 sales AND saving me some £'s, they get really frustrated when i tell em i am "happy" with my provider and i don't budge.

OR an insurance co. rings and i tell em I have 1 ferrari, a lamborghini and a porsche. poor sods lol!
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