Credit Card typed digicam

    Looking for a digital camera that's decent but small enough to fit in a womans handbag (a young womans handbag not the type you can get a weeks shopping and the ironing board into),

    Something like the following maybe?



    Just had a quick search and that one you have above, is a very good price for it!

    Worth posting in Hot Deals if it isn't already

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    Good price but not so great with the reviews. If I find contradictory evidence I'll do so

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    *laugh* Best compact digicam for about the price I'm willing to pay seems to be that bloody Xacti that 800 people entered into the digicam hot deals competition a few days ago.

    Might have to buy it now.

    Yeah ive been looking at the xacti s6 too Artemis, thing is there seem to be no reviews at all on the net for it.

    Also I dont know of anyone who has actually bought one

    Lemme know if u find anything on it! Very tempted to get it as a christmas prezzie
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