Credit Card with rewards

    I've just made a credit score check and according to Experian
    mine is Excellent
    wich credit card with rewards should go for?


    Depends where you shop. Alot of stores/online shops have them. Anything from amazon to play and tesco's. All offering vouchers/money off when using the card.

    American express platinum reward card, use it anywhere that takes amex and always get cashback
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    I use egg money credit card...costs £1 per month, but just had the year's rewards of £98

    I have a Capital One World card. Fee of £18 a year but 1% cashback and £10 back as a bonus. I use it for all my work expenses and get a lot back. Amex give higher cashback but is not always accepted.

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    I had a American Express platinum reward card but after a mont my account was reviewed and the took it of me

    I spend a lot on general shopping on the internet

    egg or Capital One?

    I have a Tesco credit card, it offers a decent choice of rewards, regular rewards and no issues at all.
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