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    Hi all,

    my girlfriend is looking to change her credit card (Halifax One at the moment) and is looking for the best deal, my advice was to turn to the friendly people at HDUK

    Anyone got any advice on which card to get?

    She's after one with a low balance transfer fee and obviously decent interest rates. I see alot of people use egg as they get money back from purchases (not a bad idea as we are doing the house up atm) but apparently they have no mention on the website about balance transfers

    Any help would be great



    We are HUKD not HDUK :-D

    Egg is good for cashback offers but Egg Money gives 1% cashback on all purchases.

    Virgin is good as well (as any MBNA card) as they give you occasional low rate balance transfers (eg. 2.9% fixed for 6 months with capped BT fee of £35 max).

    Check these articles @ MSE



    Original Poster

    Lol, typo

    Thanks Edi


    Tesco credit card is 0% transfer for 12 months and 0% on all purchases for 3 months (12 months in Tesco). You get double clubcard points too.

    Original Poster

    Just seen that, her mum works at tesco too, can't be bad

    cheers U.S.
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