Credit Cards and Handling Fees

    I've never experienced this before.

    I paid for a new guitar amp a couple of months ago using my Credit Card, which I very rarely use. I paid the balance off right away, as I always do, so the balance on it was sitting at £0. The amp had cost me about £300.

    However the supplier couldn't supply what I had ordered, so they refunded me the cash I had paid back onto my Credit Card, so the balance was sitting at £300 in Credit.

    When I transferred that money from my Credit Card to my Current Account, the bank have charged me a "CASH ADVANCE HANDLING FEE" of £7.62 which I'm not too happy about. Sure, it's not a bank-breaking amount, but are they seriously allowed to charge a Handling Fee for a Cash Advance, when it's NOT a Cash Advance and is in fact my own money?



    I've never heard of this although the fact that you transferred the money from your credit card to your account might be classed as a balance transfer, which will usually incur a charge of about 2 or 3 %- sometimes more...

    Maybe you should ring your cc company and explain the situation- every company has different policies- Dinosteveus might know more about your rights xx

    if you call the branch who set up your credit card and expain they usually do credit you back with the amount they took if nothing they do this as a good will jesture. when i forget to pay my credit card bill they charge me £20 as a penalty then i call them and say sorry and they have always credited me back
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