Credit cards and paypal

    Do paypal or the banks treat a actual credit card differently ?. Does paypal withdrawing funds get classed as a transactoin on the card or taking money out ?. Would I get stung by high intrest on the card.

    All I can seem to find on the paypal site regarding credit cards is that they do not support withdrawing money TO a card.


    Think it is treated as a purchase rather than a cash advance.

    I use my credit card on my paypal account and it is treated as a purchase so i have my normal amount of time to pay of the balance without interest.

    Its treated as a purchase just as if you used the card in a shop. However, if you need to make a charge back or claim for loss etc, some credit card companies will actually treat the transaction as a cash withdrawal.
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    Thanks all. Can now rely on paypal as a payment option when buying from other forums.
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