Credit Cards? Any advice apart from don't get one lol

    Can anyone advise me as to the best deals for balance transfers at the minute e.g. longest 0% or lowest balance transfer fee!

    Thanks in advance folks! :thumbsup:


    There are not many 0% balance transfers that do not charge.The one i went for was the hsbc card as this gives you 0% on balance transfers until April 2008 but they charge you 2% which evaluates to £20 for ever £1000 transferred over it also gives you 6 months 0% on purchases as well.Hope this helps.
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    If you haven't looked already have a look on the mse site.…rds

    All you want to know about balance transfers, interest rates etc. Well worth a read.

    these guys will guide ypu in the right direction

    the one that's not Tesco or asda and starts with a S do a 5.9% for the life balance transfer :whistling:

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    Thanks folks! Great help as always

    Check out
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