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Credit check during car insurance renewal!

Posted 29th Feb
Why do some car insurance company (Hastings) are performing credit checks on renewals?

How does this affect my credit rating for future mortgages and application for credit?
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It's a soft check so won't affect it in the slightest
If you/they are running a quote it is a soft check.

If you want to pay monthly it is a proper check which will happen when you go ahead to purchase, not at quoatation.

Soft checks are not visible to others. You may well get soft checks when simply doing price comparisons, though I don't think this is as common any more.

The proper check is of course because you are getting credit for the full amount over the 12 month term. If they report this on your file, I do not know, never paid monthly.
Car insurance checks wont affect your credit rating as lenders know they are being done and they don't affect your score
MonkeyMan9029/02/2020 11:08

It's a soft check so won't affect it in the slightest

No always! There are a couple of insures which do the "hard search" .
I can't remember which ones atm but they stayed on my file for one year!
Each contract you take out, even though renewal is a new credit agreement. Just because no physical goods change hands we don’t think of them as such.
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