Credit Crunch Busting - Powdered Beer!! Just add water!! £7.95 @ Firebox

    Wouldnt it be cool if someone invented a powder that turned regular tap water into beer? Yep, youve guessed it, they have. And take it from us, its absholutely marvelloush.

    Completely revolutionary, Powdered Beer has been formulated by Munich-based research chemist, Hans Schattenhose. All hail Prof. Schattenhose! No really, because unlike most boffins this visionary egghead has put his mind to something the world actually wants: instant lager. All you do is empty a sachet into a glass of chilled water (tap or mineral) and give it a stir.

    Before you can say mines a pint the powder reacts with the water, fizzes up and dissolves completely, leaving you with a glass of refreshingly crisp, perfectly carbonated 5.2% amber nectar. It really is amazing. In tests, volunteers (ie: us) couldnt distinguish it from the reassuringly expensive wallop they sell down the pub. Imagine taking a batch to a summer festival or picnic. Bulky cans? No thanks!

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    - andywedge


    If only there was powdered water to mix it with......


    do you thank you will fool anyone with this one

    What is the date today?

    I'll have a powdered bar maid to go!

    brilliant....heat added....

    It was only a six pack hardly credit crunching for 7.95.

    Funny tho!

    Great, HUKD's is going to be full of April Fools deals today:thinking:

    I am sure I tasted beer like this in my local! LOL

    I had some of this in Poland
    it was called Apilfoolski beer over there!!!

    Original Poster


    It was only a six pack hardly credit crunching for 7.95.Funny tho!

    Ah, but when you're on a night out and you only need to ask for a water it works out cheap :thumbsup:

    Powdered Gin or Vodka for £7.95 would be ok! Nice one..... I did like the sat nav fro trainers as well!!!!! Happy 01/04 keep laughing....

    "Hans Schattenhose" = "Hans Shadow Pants" according to Google Translate!

    :x Just think of the cost of posting water through the post ! as it must be special water :-D

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