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    Okay im a good guy firstly lol. And ive always looked after my money etc. I have a ISA with Barclays, and had it for some time. But today i decided to go and open a current account as i had the facility to. So i went there and they did the whole application thing and said they cant offer me one cause my rating isnt good enough. Ive never been in any economic trouble and never owned a credit card or anything so im not really sure how this could have happened. Does anyone know how i can check my credit rating to see whats the problem?


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    Think i might use that Equifax thing. But seems a little dodgy in that im signing up for something then straight away cancelling lol

    You can get 'stung' by not having enough on your credit history! e.g. if you haven't had a current account before, you haven't had a credit card, you haven't taken out loans then there's no (or very little) credit history, so lenders will be wary.

    I would go back to Barclays and ask them to explain further. Did you tell them that you've never had a problem? If it's a case of little history (as opposed to bad history) then start to kick up a fuss & threaten to move your business (& ISA) to another bank.
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