Credit reference reports and bank accounts

    I have been advised that financial products that have a link to a bank eg Barclaycard and Barclays are able to access the bank funds to clear debts; therefore I have had to move money to a basic bank account whilst I sort out my fiances. I am attempting to create a personal budget sheet for creditors based on a very low income but I am concerned about the small amount of 'rainy day' money I have banked. If a credit report were requested would they have access to my bank accounts and funds available in it.



    my credit reports shows my one bank account, the royal bank of scotland, but doesn't show its balance, just the history of account ie- whether in credit, overdrawn, etc
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    If you have a credit card with say Lloyds TSB and you have a bank account with them aswell, they can move funds from your account to pay your credit card bill. Is that what you mean?
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