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    I'm looking to find out my credit report and need advise on who i can get it from for the least amount of money , and how to get a default status on one of the payments made in sept 2004 off the record as I think it is this that is affecting or giving me a low score .

    When I checked last (2007) my scores were low especially with equifax , and I currently don't use a credit card and all prior payments have been paid and I have no other issues relating to my credit , accounts etc .

    Does the record get wiped or cleaned by itself after a couple a year so that this default doesnt show up ? Or do I have to ring someone and clear it my self ...and if so who?




    Go through quidco and get cashback

    Stays on your record for 6 years

    so it should clear sept this year in theory

    I use ]http//ww…om/ as it allows you to view your Experian, Equifax and Call Credit reports. It pays to check all three as the information they each contains can vary a great deal.

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    Thanks guys for your help , so its sept 2010 it would get wiped oh well ......Ive repped u all ......

    can i ask though if I was applying for finance for a buisness or a mortgage, is it right to assume that this could effect what rate I would get due to the currrent poor rating ? And if I was to wait till after Sept 2010 would it be more preferential for me ?

    Also in sept 2010 , will it automatically be cleared or do I have to actively do something ?


    You should automatically have a clean slate come September 2010 although there are occasions when records are not updated so the relevant agency may need to be contacted if that happens.

    I would probably hold off until you know your file is clean before applying for any credit at the moment as even a squeaky clean record does not guarantee you credit right now.

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    thanks hitman will hold off till then ....makes sense really but just needed to ask to be sure


    thanks hitman will hold off till then ....makes sense really but just … thanks hitman will hold off till then ....makes sense really but just needed to ask to be sure

    Its a real lottery at the moment so best to apply for credit when you know your record is clear.

    Good luck and I hope all will be ok come September. Trust me, it can be a headache if you have to get anything removed from your credit file but I wouldn't think you'll have a problem.
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