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Found 11th Jan 2008
Mourners shivering in a chapel are to be kept warm using "body heat" generated from cremating their loved ones.
The idea will be tried at a crematorium near Manchester where grieving friends and relatives have complained of the cold during services.
Tameside council will use heat from cremating bodies to keep the mourners warm at Dukinfield Crematorium.
Town hall chiefs say the heat generated will be enough to power the boiler and light the chapel. But they admit it is a "sensitive" issue and have promised to consult clergy and the wider community.
Robin Monk, the environment chief of Tameside Council, said: "I'm not sure how people will react, but we don't want to upset anyone. We will carry out full consultation with priests, vicars and the public before a decision is taken."
The Rev Tim Hayes, of St John's Church, Dukinfield, said: "I have no problem with it," and the Rev Vernon Marshall, of Old Chapel, said: "As a final act of generosity, it's a lovely way for the dead to provide comfort for the living at a difficult time."


The whole thing stinks! No body would want that.

How cruel. Been waiting all my life to hear someone say that I'm Hotstuff, and now it seems it won't happen until after I die! *hmmmmph* What's the use of that? :x

if i am about to be torched, well i can't complain either way as long as they make sure i am really dead first ...

As someone who abhors cremation anyway, I think the whole thing stinks. I want to give something back when I am gone!

I'm dead so I don't really care either I keep someone warm or I help fertalize the ground what difference does it make??

I guess one is more lasting than the other but its nice to think I 'touched' someone one last time

If it was me being burned I wouldn't care, after all, I'd already be dead. If I was one of the living there to mourn I might derive some comfort from feeling that there was some benefit from the cremation. Either way I wouldn't complain.
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