Crewe Train Station

    Hello. This may sound strange so apologies. A week ago I was at Crewe Train Station (platform 5) in the sandwich / cake shop (Pumpkins?). I played the fruit machine in there (bank job / bank raid) and the note acceptor ate my £10. I rang the number on the side of the fruit machine but they still have not got back to me (despite them saying a couple of days). If anyone visits platform 5 at Crewe Station can they please get my the phone number of the fruit machine provider on that machine so I can call them again (I live in Coventry so not easy to visit!) Thank you.


    OR just wave the £10 goodbye dude!

    Why don't you call Crewe Station and ask them for it?


    I am getting the 8:11 tomorrow on platform 5 so I can get it, you are talking about the pumpkin shop?


    oh yeah you said pumpkin in your thing, I'll get the number in the morning


    Number for jail break is 08457056352

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    Thanks Cbee200 that's brilliant
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