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Found 4th Apr 2007
EDIT: Sorted out my new equipment now so no worries about this thread anymore.

This is quite a big ask so no worries if you can only find one or two of the items I've requested. I expect some you won't be able to find anyway.

I'm looking at replacing my old cricket gear for the new season which starts in three weeks. This includes Bat, Batting Gloves and Batting pads.

In the bat range I want either

The Charlie French Advance (This will be hard to find)



The Gray Nicolls Viper


The Venom should be cheapest out of the lot but if you can find a better model (bar the Blitz which is a 3lb bat, not suitable for my batting style) for fairly cheap I'd consider that.

It needs to be SH or LH bat type, SH preferable. Harrow will be a lot cheaper but it's too small for me to use (I'm 6'1" and the Harrow is for people under 5'8")

As for Batting Gloves and Pads. I'm looking at one from three items. Charlie French Fusion, Gunn & Moore Catalyst Original or Gunn & Moore Hero Original.

The Charlie French stuff will be the hardest to find since I had trouble finding it anywhere other than his own website. The other stuff shouldn't be as tricky. If you just know of some vouchers that I could use on sports website, that would be fine too.

I know it's a fairly big ask so if nobody can find these, then no problem at all.

Thanks in advance.
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Oh I should say the best prices I've found right?

The Charlie French Advance Bat: £155
The Gray Nicolls Viper (Venom version): £85
Charlie French Fusion gloves: £37.95
Gunn & Moore Hero Original gloves: £31.95
Gunn & Moore Catalyst Original gloves: £40
Gunn & Moore Catalyst/Hero Original Batting pads: £60
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