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Found 29th Jun 2006
Hi guys and girls, hope you are all good, not been in for a few weeks, but here i am again.

Got an interesting questions and request, Is there a way to get information legally in the uk on a persons previous convictions etc. I've looked online and seen a few pay $34.99 for info sites, and am a bit unsure as to whether they are a con, or whether they could actually tell me if one of my employees is a ex-con?

Any advise on this would be really great,
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You could request enhanced CRB's for your staff. Think they cost around £30 each and they will list all convictions, even ones that're spent. You could probably get them cheaper if you're doing a few together, or some employers ask the staff to pay.

I'm not sure about the internet sites, don't even know where they'd get the info.
You could just ask them instead of sneaking about ??

If you are an employer - you can request the criminal records & get a disclosure.

See HERE for more information !
i actually work for an authority, there is a procedure in place that any staff employed by the authority are subject to a CRB check. i actually process the CRB form and send them of the agency. from this i can say that CRB will only disclose information related to the job, if there is no direct risk of the conviction imposed on the job, then they will not release that information, known as 'soft information'.
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