Crocodile Hunter RIP

    Steven Irwin tragically had a diving accident, a stingray barb pierced his heart and has died while filming off the coast of Australia

    RIP Steve, he was a bit kooky but his work with animals highlighted their plight or their ferocity and his shows were always a good watch on a sunday



    That is sad ... he has kids too I also enjoyed his programmes ...

    My 4 kids were woken this morning with this news, they all watched and loved his programmes (me too) they are all gutted about the news, I never knew they thought so much of someone, my 11year old daughter started crying at the thought of his wife - saying "oh mum, she must be devestated"

    Our thought go out to his family,

    Took me as a surprise too - actually saw him in London once

    I was really upset to hear this as well. I visited his "zoo" in Australia, and it was the most un-zoolike zoo, it was an amazing place. He was such a great character, he'll really be missed.

    truely gutted a great entertainer, complete psyco, but a great entertainer none the less, wil be sadly missed

    totally gutted, the bloke was awesome made wildlife programmes entertaining for not only kids but also adults. What a freak accident there has been only one other report of a stingray death in australia in 1947 (ref cnn) so I cannot believe all his mixings with killer crocs, venomous snakes and dangerous spiders he goes out like this.
    A great loss to not only the animal world but also a legend in entertainment.

    This is said in all the best possible taste, but when I was at school, you often heard rumours that he had died by something OTT (although it is all possible) like he had his head bitten off by a croc or he was crushed/strangled to death by a boa. They all obviously turned out to be false.

    So I'm almost waiting and wanting this to be another false rumour like all the others I heard, or a late/early April Fools joke, but there isn't much chance of that sadly.

    I only saw one of his shows on Sunday and thinking "He should give this up soon otherwise something could go wrong.".

    He'll be sadly missed. RIP Sir.

    It comes as quite a shock. As fizziebabes said, it's odd people think so much of him. I saw "crocodile hunter" and a few other things, but I never really watched any of his TV programmes. He wouldn't come into a list of great TV personalities and yet people are talking about this.

    I think people are shocked because he died doing what he does. People don't expect these people to die doing what they do... when you see a dare-devil act you always expect something to go wrong, but you know it doesn't as they've practiced. The thought of something happening when you're expecting it too is quite hard hitting.

    I was diving with stingrays not that long ago! There before the grace of god go I. Mr. Steve Irwin. Your enthusiasm for nature will be missed. CJ

    RIP Steve a great performer.

    So, wonder what he was doing to the Stingray for it to go all defensive on him.

    The producer said the sting ray saw Steve swimming to the side of it and the camera man in front an it got frightened. If it would have just swam off more quickly or struck him elsewhere in the body then he'd still be alive. Just a terribly unlucky case.

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