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Looking for SW or a simple technique to crop photos using standard size ratios, so for example I have a image that is 2048 pixels wide and 1536 pixels high (2048X1536) I want to crop a section of photo that is another correct ratio for example:

less than 640X480 Wallet size only
640X480 absolute largest, 4X6
1024X768 4X6
1152X864 5X7
1600X1200 8X10

I'm not resizing whole image, I'm cropping for to area of interest in the photo using a standard ratio.

I do not want to have to say pull and hand create to crop window via mouse operation, I want to pick a ratio size from a menu/button option of say 1024x768 and place over larger image and crop want I want in photo, then say this new image.

Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.



There are a few online editor that will do most things e.g. freeonlinephotoeditor.com
Don't forget to work on a copy of your pic! :-)

We use Google Picasa to do exactly this, you set the crop ratio and it brings up a box on the photo, you can then locate this over the bit you want and crop it

answered in other thread,..(_;)

Most image editors should allow you to set a selection to a specific size and then crop to selection.

Another vote for google Picassa very easy to use
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