Cross Cut Shredder (decent)

    I already has a woolies £15 one that jams up and is slow as a slothe on weed.

    Needs to be fast (ish) and reliable really, able to do credit cards etc as well.

    I've heard that the staples £15 ones jam up too....



    have a look at this one from Lidl, its on sale now.
    Its £19.99 and looks OK. You also get a 3 year warranty.…ar3


    Lidl have one at the moment for £19.99 that does cc and CD's do not know about speed though. I purchased one the last time they had them in and it is still going strong.

    i got mine from tesco i think was about £30 though i think does credit cards and is not too bad. also found that if you spray a piece of paper wih wd40 then stick it through the shredder every so often it helps it no end!!

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    might have to pop to lidl over the weekend - my missus thinks I should move in there.

    thanks for the wd40 tip!

    Sainsburys and Tesco both have these about half price in the january sale so around £20

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    thanks 1303
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