Posted 6th Nov 2020
Methods that have worked flawlessly for purchasing from the Brazil store are currently proving to be very problematic.

I had also not yet updated the iOS Xbox app and up until today had the option for simply switching region / redeeming codes and purchasing via the app. The option to redeem codes and purchase in this way now appears to be switched off, navigating to both results in a blank screen in the app. Pretty much all other options within the app work fine.

I've been receiving messages from users looking for help with a range of related issues, and others are even discussing not being able to download or install games from their existing library that were purchased cross region.

Some users are also being requested by Microsoft to provide long winded taxation information in attempting cross region purchases.

It may well be that Microsoft are doing work in the background to cut off all channels for facilitating these purchases. Note that I'm only referring to gift card and VPN methods here, not attempted a non VPN purchase from the likes of the Hungary store since establishing there might be issues.

I could be wrong, but personally I'd hold off on buying any further non UK Xbox credit until others are able to chip in and help out here, so as to prevent wasting money.

Has anyone made any successful purchases today i.e. from the likes of the Brazil store?
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