Cross trainer in a saloon?

    I've seen a few cross trainers on eBay and will probably ending up buying one at the end of the week.
    My question is that whether it would fit in the back of a 3 series 5 door saloon (with seats down)?

    Can you take it apart?


    Banned'd have to have the boot open.

    The title made me visualise a spaghetti western, with a random gym in the corner of the bar..... how very odd yet slightly amusing in my own little mind.



    if its small enough yes it will fit

    i think that much was obvious

    Original Poster

    cross trainers are usually of similar size and I understand that different manufacturers may have different setup so i I just wanted to check if the main handles can come apart.

    no. i struggled to fit one in a v reg kia sportage. cross trainers are big lumps and don't dismantle much!

    As long as the arms disconnect I think you would be ok.
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