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Found 24th Jun 2007
I am looking for a Cross Trainer/Elliptical for around £250. I have searched all over and found loads of models that I can afford, but I cannot find any reviews to back up a possible purchase.

I am sort of hoping someone will read this who owns a cross trainer similar to my price needs, and can recommend it to me. Or, a website or forum which has reviews for ellipticals that can be purchased here in the UK. I often find websites that state models that are very good, but they are not even available over here (USA only).

Any help would be appreciated. Also, if you own a X-Trainer and want to get rid of it, I may be willing to purchase - North Manchester area.

Thanks for reading.


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I found a very cool Nordic Track one but it is £50 above my budget, I will check out quidco and for some promotional codes. Thanks for links!

No probs mate :thumbsup:

You've bagged a bargain if you've found a Nordic Track for £300. They're usually £1000 brand new. Whip it up before I do

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I wish I could, just out of my price range lol

Do you think its possible to call them tomorrow and maybe haggle the price down, or do these fitness stores usually not discount again?

Definitely can negotiate on expensive equipment.

Pop in to one of their showrooms if you're not too far (they have one in Manchester :thumbsup:)

They should be able to give you a good deal.

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I ordered it :oops:


ooooooh lovely jubly :-D

nicely done mate, nicely done :thumbsup:
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