Crown court - timeline - does case closed mean no case to answer or something else?

Posted 20th Oct 2015
Just looking at a case at Teesside Crown court. I am wondering what does this mean when it says case closed at the end?

Details: Trial (Part Heard) - Case Started - 11:12
Trial (Part Heard) - Case adjourned until 11:30 - 11:21
Trial (Part Heard) - Resume - 11:40
Trial (Part Heard) - Case adjourned until 12:00 - 11:46
Trial (Part Heard) - Trial Ineffective - 12:13
Trial (Part Heard) - Case adjourned until 12:30 - 12:14
Trial (Part Heard) - Resume - 12:47
Trial (Part Heard) - Case Closed - 13:06
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I think it means that sentencing has taken place.
Case has been closed. Either a verdict has been reached or the case has been thrown out.
Case dismissed means the defendant has no case to answer, for example if the prosecution withdraws the charge. Case closed means that all the evidence has been heard and judgement given. If Guilty, depending on the charge, sentencing sometimes takes place at a later date if reports are needed to be made by the probation services.
means trial finished on that case and the jurors have been dismissed.

not sure if this would also happen if the jurors for dismissed and the case start again with a new set of jurors, which happened on the case I was a juror on
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