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Found 30th Nov 2005
Does anyone know of a good (cheap) place to get a DiamondTron/Trinitron monitor from? My current monitor is going really blurry, and i dont want to buy lcd. Looking for any aperture grille type crt monitor realy. In the size range 17-19 inches.

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Sorry to say that but it is really hard to get good monitors these days. Can you live with Samsung AG (forgot what it is called) or LG Flatron?
If not then Viewsonic P97+ (192.80) - oyyy.co.uk/pro…ner
or iiyama Pro 454 (probably one of the very best monitors ever been sold - 252 quid) - inmac.co.uk/cat…ner

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The AG Neovo? Sounds interesting, ill check it out. I was looking at the Samsung 959nf too, also around the £190 mark. Anyone know what the AG models are like compared to well known brands like Iiyama?

AG Neovo? Are they doing CRTs? I though there were making stylish monitors with AU Optronics matrix (nothing special). Samsung' CRT looks pretty good with its 290MHz bandwidth. Again, not sure whether they use Diamondtron or their own tube.

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I think that samsung is a diamondtron. Saw it listed as aperture grille on some websites.

About the AG, i thought u were refering me to an lcd panel - the AG Neovo, which has some good reviews for all their lcds. Read some positive feedback from f419 users.

I was referring to AG = Aperture Grille
Can't find any info about tube on Samsung website. Some forums mention they using Diamondtron; some say this is Samsung NF tube (own design). If that's Diamondtron, then it should be good monitor. Hopefully

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I was referring to AG = Aperture Grille

lol :D, i just googled the term AG with samsung from your first post and noticed quite a lot of positive reviews for AG Neovo lcds and assumed you meant them.

Looked on samsung website, noticed it only said NF too. I just assumed it meant the front of the screen is flat. But then again, all diamondtrons are flat anyway, so it could well be hinting at their own tube...

Do you think its worth getting a diamondtron tube second hand off ebay or something?

Don't know about eBay to be honest.
BTW, CTX (you know, the monitor guys) have their own webshop and selling cheap obsolete CRT monitors from it - ctxshop.net/ind…php
They have PR700T over there (17" CRT, Trinitron) for 54 quid inc VAT and delivery. Bandwidth is prety low though. Unfortunately they are out of stock of PR711F, which is way better. Maybe it worth to give'em a call?
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