Cruise Deals for next year Help needed .....

hi does anyone know of any good cruise deals going for next year time its for 2 adults and to kids so any advice on experiences had and also any cruises that are particulary good for kids etc... would be great ie who s the best to travel with etc... best time to go and destinations and good times had by all lol cheers


how old are the kids?
i would suggest a river nile cruise,we went in may fantastic weather around 30 celcius,lots of history, plenty relaxation, good food,entertainment,reasonably priced.
we paid £400 each for full board 5 star boat, flights,transfers,10 outings to see all the wonderful ancient egyptian history, i was blown away by it all at the end of it.…php
we used these lot, hope it helps:thumbsup:

Ocean Village every time - we are going on our 6th cruise with them in February. My now 16 year old daughter loves them - has done since day one. VERY family friendly.

i would have to recogmend Celebrity cruises, i have also been with princess but Celebrity are brilliant

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Hi kids are 5 and 7 so would it be suitable? i would lovve egypt what airports etc... do they go from and also how long are you sailing for between stops etc...

The problem with the majority of cruise holidays is the age of passengers and the facilities for young children. Look for a cruise ship that is specifically aimed at families. For the UK market Ocean Village is about the best, Thomson and Airtours offer family based cruising but use older vessels. Ocean Village is a marvellous ship, I travelled on her in a previous guise as Star Princess and worked on her when she was named Arcadia.…hip)
If you don't fancy the fly cruise option then sailing from the South coast to Mediterranean destinations is about the best for families. Expect a day at sea before a stop usually in Portugal or Gibraltar, and then probably 7 ports in 9 days. Barcelona, Nice, Mallorca, Italy, and maybe down to Tunisia before a return to Southampton after a final day at sea. Some of my favourite ports are Lisbon, Gibraltar, Nice, Civitavecchia, Menorca, Tangiers.
Fly-cuising to the Caribbean is a very popular option, but 10 hours on a charter flight to the Caribbean may not be suitable for younger children. Disney Cruises operate out of Florida and, obviously, are very family friendly. Caribbean ports like Barbados, Antigua, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands offer superb beaches but little else. Grand Caymen is one of my favourite destinations only because of ]Stingray City where you can feed the stingrays!
I would say that ]Ocean Village is you best bet.

Forgot to say, check your local press for "cruise fairs" about this time of year holiday roadshows are often held to present options from various companies, they may also offer promotional discounts.


Hi kids are 5 and 7 so would it be suitable? i would lovve egypt what … Hi kids are 5 and 7 so would it be suitable? i would lovve egypt what airports etc... do they go from and also how long are you sailing for between stops etc...

flights are from gatwick,stansted,birmingham,poss luton,
hmmm the kids are a little young they may not appreciate the beauties of egypt, there is some walking, travelling on coaches in between sailing to visit the sites, thay may find it a bit hot.
you will sail every day but there will be stops for half a day to see all the sites, etc, sailing was the most pleasurable through the beautiful nile.
there is swimming pool on the boat to cool off.
there are many websites who organise these tours, depending on your budget, time restraints etc,you can organise as per your schedule.
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