- VISA provider change - PSN issue

Posted 24th Dec 2022
Hi all, Cryptopay I used recently to buy PS+ (Turkey). However I want to upgrade but I keep getting an error on the app, on the console and I don’t think I’ve tried on the site yet.

Same card details, tried Revolute too but failed. No error code, just says it’s come across an issue. I’m thinking only in the last 10 days I had an email or motivation from Cryptopay saying their provider for VISA is changed so I’m thinking that’s the cause.

Anyone else able to use it for subscription? I can purchase games no issue using rev or cpay.
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    I told someone else if you add a game to the basket and the ps plus it will go through if you try just the plus it won't work no one listens but hey ho
    Interesting! I’ll give it a go, this on the website or app or console? (edited)
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    Doesn't work for subscription anymore, most ppl think Sony have blocked it somehow, but as you said games are still able to be done.
    Noooo! That’s depressing
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    The issue is with Sony, not the card. As mentioned, Sony seems to have closed the loophole. More companies will follow.
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