crysis 2 ps3 or xbox 360?

    Decisions decisions which one you getting.I would get pc version but my computer not upto it


    Im having the same 'crysis too'

    (see what I did there :p)
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    360 all the way, the control pad settles it for me.


    neither skip the game completely, whole beauty was crysis in a nice jungle setting like farcry, now in a s**t whole city full of gray and dull gameplay.


    PC version would be the way to go.
    Wait for the Digital Foundry and Lens of Truth comparisons.
    LoT has done a screenshot comparison of the retail version but that doesn't tell you how the game runs, obviously.
    Head2Head: Crysis 2 “Retail” Screenshot Comparison

    Crysis Warhead for PC without a doubt.

    Best game in the series IMO.

    Ive ordered the 360 version but merely as it was £24 before christmas... At that price I can play with it for a few weeks and trade it in and still make my money back...

    After reading reviews Im not going to get it at all until/unless it hits the magic <£20 mark.


    will wait till it hits £9.99 which wont be long


    Will download and try out on the PS3, not worth a DL disc on the 360.


    Is the PC version going to have much better graphics and be fine online?

    Ordered last night (rather than Xbox version) last night on a whim for the littlun. He's played the beta release and pretty excited about the release. Would it be worthwhile getting the original also?
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