Crysis demo available 1:00pm today!

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Found 27th Oct 2007
Crysis demo available worldwide today at 1:00pm! hoorah!!! (13:00GMT)


I expect if I try this on my PC I'll just get a nice pretty slideshow.

If you're unsure if it'll run just use System Requirements Lab as a general guide.…est


Nice one :thumbsup:

I know what I'm doing this afternoon :giggle:

pah. my poxy 1.6ghz t5500 let me down.


I have a 1.8Ghz duo core with 7600GTS and the demo will only play decently with everything on low settings. Compared with Call of Duty 4 where I could have most on High. I know which game I'll be buying in a fortnight. Crysis just seems like an updated far cry and wasnt that impressed really.

Any more reports on performance, I'm still downloading the demo
I'll be throwing this monstrous game at my laptop with 1.66 core duo, 2gb RAM and a dedicated 256mb X1600. I'm already scared about the results...

I absolutely annulated the worldwide benchmarks of my system, so I'm pretty intrigued to see what happens now with my laptop.

my pc parts should come wednesday, I think the g card is 7600 hopefully it can run it

id bother downloading it, if it wasnt for the fact that on my pc it will look like pacman

I took an executive decision and set the resolution at 800x600 with all settings on high. Playing it at 1280x800 with settings on low /med looked truly dreadful, almost cartoon like! I was highly unimpressed with the AI and generally with the whole demo.
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