CSA...can anyone help me pls?

    My partner has been paying for his son ever since he left over 5 yrs ago (he also travels 400 miles to see him every few weeks). Anyway his ex partner decided she wanted to go through the CSA as she thought she would get more money..ended up she couldnt. We were contacted by the CSA sent all reciepts to show past payments plus everything we had paid for through visits..petrol days the lot (i kept them just incase and then they requested them). His ex partner then said she didnt want to go through csa and was happy to continue the original monthly agreement. Last month my partner had a letter from the CSA saying he owed £4500 in child support. he phoned them and they said it could be written off if the childs mother would contact them to say it has all been which she did. calls and letters were sent to prove it was all paid. He then got a further letter requesting my partner go to court for unpaid fees...apparently he doesnt owe the childs mother but the secretary of state. Im really confused as to why he has to pay anything as he already has. Please can someone help at all? thanks



    Sounds like the CSA have, or think they have, paid the mother, therefore you owe it to them, not the other? might be able to get some good info by calling this

    Sorry I can't offer any advice but hope you sort it as it sounds like an annoying situation if he has paid.

    Get the down the CAB asap!

    My partner also went direct without going through the CSA for two older daughters of hers. CSA advised the amount to pay and so long as we paid via a provable method (e.g. DD) then they did not need to get involved.

    Sounds like the CSA have just got a little confused, stressful I know, but I'm sure they will realise sooner rather than later.

    does the ex live on income support? or another benefit? if she does maybe she didn't tell them she was getting money from your partner? Any maintenance you get comes off your benefit. In any case, it's her problem, not yours.

    I'd go to CAB as soon as you can.

    If the mother was on benefits then the CSA say that the money is owed to the government rather than the mother. In that situation the CSA will not take into account what you have already paid the mother in a private agreement.
    Surely though if the mother wasn't declaring what she received from your partner and was still claiming benefits then this is possible benefit fraud.

    I would definitely seek advice from the CAB and maybe get some advice from lawyers that specialise in CAB cases
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