C.S.I Boxsets - anyone found them cheap

    C.S.I Boxsets - anyone found them cheap

    ok after a quick search 11.93 is the cheapest i can find, lthough i seem to see everywhere that csi is now half price, does anybody know if thats instore only deals.

    seen in the newspaper that sainsburys and virgin are doing them half price.

    or is 12 quid actually a good price to pay... i have no idea!!


    I bought Csi orignal season 1-4 off angel for £40 but that was a bargain and wont get that ever online

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    Just saw 1-6 here … Just saw 1-6 here for £54.99 with free postage.

    thanks very much :thumbsup:

    Anyone use the place selling 1-6 before, thats a pretty great price for 6 seasons but I've never heard of the place.

    poundland had them a while back on VHS :giggle:

    I think it was like 5 VHS's per box set and they had about 4

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    any newer prices im still having trouble getting these
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