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    I've been trying to discover and sort out why the bottom of a webpage is being cut off when viewed in IE. It's doing my nut in.…FC/

    The CSS being used when viewing in IE is IE7.css

    I originally thought it was due to the relative positioning, but after removing/changing it all it is still not showing the bottom of the page.



    absolute position it or remove the relative positioning, give it a fixed width, set the left and right margins to auto and then add a clear:both;.

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    Using absolute positioning, I can get it to position correctly below the main area, as its supposed to. But when more content is added (the above container size is increased) the footer stays fixed, it doesn't move with the content.

    Any idea how I can get it to follow the content when its changed ?


    I don't see why you are using relative position on nearly all your block level elements. if you are having to do this then you have a fundamental design floor in your layout.

    Layed out properly, you only need you only need 6 structural DIVs

    -- Header
    -- Main content
    ----Column 1
    ----Column 2
    --- Footer

    Footer will then always be under main content and will move dependent on the height of main content

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    How would they be positioned ? Static ?

    Yes, the default for position is static, just don't declare it

    You really should be using position absolute and relative sparingly for example, i am developing a site at the moment, and my CSS file is 4,247 lines and i have used position relative 11 times

    Original Poster

    Cheers dude. Was overcomplicating things. :P.
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