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    Hi, I currently use Google sites for an enthusiast's website I own. It's really easy to use for someone like me who has no coding knowledge. But there are limitations with the HTML pages and I've been told CSS is the way to go. Wondering what the first steps towards moving to CSS are? Is it easier to pay someone to create the site? Any free templates available? Can I upload CSS pages to Google Sites? Thanks Darren


    Have a look at WordPress or Joomla. You won't need (much) coding knowledge but they are pretty flexible.

    HTML and CSS go very much in hand and you wouldn't be able to just use CSS alone to create a website, whoever told you that was telling you porkies. You can use inline CSS with your HTML or use your html to pull in a stylesheet (CSS means cascading style sheet). If you are really stuck you are welcome to drop me a message. I am a web developer so know my stuffs.

    Wordpress and Joomla are good as mentioned, free templates is another option, search for some as there are hundreds and you can get some very well priced premium templates.
    Try also looking at or pay someone, is great, say what you want/need, let people on bid, choose the bid you like.

    As for hosting, you can get great hosting for next to nothing, I pay £4 per month for mine, I pay annually and because of that they pay for my domain, I've had no unscheduled downtime in over 4 years.

    I would go with Wordpress over Joomla. Hosting is cheap as chips Try this 30 day trial

    WordPress also offer free hosting but have to use the WordPress suffix on the web address. As mentioned css needs building into html pages and tested together. You can't build a site in pure css. ​
    If interested in learning check out bootstrap css, it's easy to pick up and plenty of guides online.

    I'm using as free, free free. You can have ago at just for fun and see how you get on. If you want to create something that's not just a basic few pages then you need to get a domain and hosting. Don't use godaddy though. The WordPress software is installed on your hosting provider so no software is needed other than a web browser. Loads of how tos on YouTube but just messing about will get you up and running in no time. I'm not a tech guy nor am I that good with this stuff but a few evenings messing about, I had a good site going. Not what I need now so the basic page is good enough for me.

    What is it that you need to do? CSS applies styling to the HTML, this site explains it well:…asp

    Have a look at if you fancy learning a bit of css.

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    going to give wordpress a go. anyone know how much free storage you get and whether you can transfer an existing domain name? thanks
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    Add Mr Website to the list of "dont try"; it is supremely crap, and they are still pestering me a year after I gave up trying to get the web create system to work for more than 20 minutes a day.
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