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    Just realised that my son who is 7 on 1st August will now not be able to get his extra £250 payment becuase he was born a day late, typical!

    Ok so maybe we don't need it and its a good way for saving the goverment some money.

    BUT he missed it by 7hrs!


    Shudda "got it on" a day before!

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    lol, he was 11 days late! should have been induced quicker

    Eek, unlucky. I don't suppose there's any chance of a cooling off period, is there? Give 'em a shout, they might be feeling nice.

    I am sure good old Dave C feels your pain.

    We are all in it together remember!


    good riddance to a labour vote bribe

    luckily, people didnt fall for the spin this time.

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    hip grant?

    ah i see, so did you get your grant tinkerbell?

    i do agree, less handouts are a good idea (for most)
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