CTR 360s Mens

    After CTR 360s in red/white in size 8

    All i can find is about 40 quid ish and in the nike outlet store i saw a size 6 for £20!

    after that price if poss


    link to pic…jpg


    They are the old style ones. Also i think the are the bottom of the range ones aswell.

    JJB usually does cheap nike boots also look on kitbag / pro direct too.

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    wouldnt mind bottom ranges for 20 quid

    best i can find is like 40-50 pounds, anyone able to find any better?

    thanks ruscoe

    Original Poster

    its really the "CTR360 Trequartista" that im after even in the old style!

    Only thing i can see is £38 at sportsdirect. Wud wait for easter sales though, JJB / Kitbag usually do a big clear out and sports soccer seem to have a permanent sale of average prices lol.

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    i went for that 38 pair mate, and saw libretto for astro and libretto for FG for £20 and £23! which wasn't there yesterday at all.

    might send the pricey one back if the other two are comfy but probably keep them all hehe then get the new style 360's once they drop in price

    thanks mate!
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