Cub Uniform - Sizings ? Any one with children in Cubs? Help!

    Just checking measurements of the trousers and the 7/8 seem on the small size. My boys are currently wearing Age 8 school trousers which seem bigger than the measurements on the cub site for 7/8.

    What I'd like to know is do the trousers come up small or large? ie should I get the age 9 size activity trousers for an average size 81/2 year old?

    I know I could take them and try them on but I wanted to get them on line as I'm not able to get to the shops with them for a while.

    Thanks in advance


    my son is in the Cubs but they dont bother with uniform trousers ,Are you sure you need to buy them,

    Original Poster

    The cub leader has said that they can be any navy combats but I haven't found any yet be honest I haven't looked that hard and Grandma is offering to buy them.

    This is a link to the Scout online uniform shop:…htm

    Just underneath the icons for the various uniforms is a link to their sizing guide.:thumbsup:

    P.S. Don't use the Scout Association's shop to buy the uniform - try the Glasgow Scout Shop, as it's cheaper (and you can order over the phone if you want to).
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