Anyone been to Cuba or the vague surrounding area in September and can advise me of the kind of weather to expect? Have Googled etc but wanting some real people opinons?

    Spanks in advance if you've been remotely interested in this at any point. More spanks if you can provide information. Plus treats.



    Deffo go to Havana and Club Tropicana (the drinks are free :p)

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    I will go ANYWHERE if drinks are free.

    What time of year did you go Nikkipops?

    September = Hurricane season

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    September = Hurricane season

    Yes. I googled it.

    i have been and going back september we had lovely weather when we was there not a cloud in the sky

    i have been in October and it was perfect. about 27 degress i think

    We wanted to go to Cuba for our Honeymoon, but opted for Mexico instead. It was in September and the last 5 days were pointless as there was a hurricane which decimated Cuba, all we got were high winds and rain.

    We were in Cuba last 2 weeks in June last year so hurricane season, we felt rain twice in the afternoon in 16days and it was very welcomed as it was so hot! We stayed in varedaro the beach and sea is totally amazing just like u see on postcards, locals were friendly and helpfull, swapped some clothes for local rum which we are still drinking now. Stayed all inclusive but the out a few times which was better than hotel food. Swam with dolphins which was amazing, did jeep safari which was waste of money. anything else you want to know jus ask.


    did you ever go the CUBA in plymouth?

    Be careful not to smoke too many cubans or you'll get a sore throat!

    been in may and october , both lovely weather but october was hotter xxx


    I will go ANYWHERE if drinks are free.What time of year did you go … I will go ANYWHERE if drinks are free.What time of year did you go Nikkipops?

    November, as I recall.

    I invited you to Antigua. wtf!

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    did you ever go the CUBA in plymouth?

    Haha. Yes I did! It's rubbish.


    I invited you to Antigua. wtf!

    I err...uuuuummmmm...

    (Thanks everyone who's posted!)
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