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Anyone bought a Cubot phone seriously considering the Cubot s550pro off appliances direct £89 seems like a bargain of a phone for the missus, anyone help with info please?


I bought a Cubot Max from Appliances Direct. I've had it less than a week. Only issue I'm having is that it can be slow to connect to the internet and will sometimes say there is no signal when it's showing as having a signal. I don't know if that's the phone or my network though.

It did come with a case and a screen protector fitted ( not sure if it's glass), which I've never heard of before.

My biggest reservation was around whether I'd be able to get the screen replaced if I smashed it, given that parts may be hard to come by - most people have never even heard of this phone! Let's hope that screen protector is glass!

A little niggle is that if you want to check how much battery life you have left you have to go into settings, rather than just swiping down.

Different model but same manufacturer so hope this is of some help.

I have purchased 3 Cubot phones for family members. All from eBay. Highly recommend them for the price.

Majority of Amazon reviews are positive, and that's at a higher price…AC/

l bought the cubot s555 pro from appliances direct for £89 I think its great very responsive does everything I need battery life good very clear screen quick internet better than my last phone which costs three times the amount. Hope this helps.

I bought 3 Cubots from Debenhams direct - very happy with spec for the price and the case included is a nice touch.

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Only little drawback is its only 720p screen would've loved a 1080p!

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Well after speaking with the boss she's happy to give this phone a go! So I've just ordered the Cubot s550pro from laptops direct so fingers crossed its ok. Many thanks for all your help.
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